From its introduction in the early 2000s, podcasting has experienced a rebirth in recent years. The medium featuring series such as Serial, Blackout, This American Life, and more is enjoying soaring popularity, due in part to its ability to fit into the busy lives of content consumers. The recent podcasting explosion is adding a new dimension to the marketing mix in every industry, including higher ed.

But should you be creating a podcast for your own institution? How can you stand out from the mix? What are the steps you should take before you begin, and what can you expect after you launch your series?

In this broadcast, you’ll learn from experienced higher ed podcasters about the challenges and do’s and don’ts of this old-but-new-again platform.


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Episode Host

Andy Fuller

Andy Fuller is the director of strategic content at the University of Notre Dame. There, he oversees the University’s central storytelling and branded content initiatives. In addition, Andy hosts and produces the Notre Dame Stories podcast, which features interviews with faculty members contributing to some of the major news stories of the day, as well as narrative stories of the life and work of Notre Dame. Prior to landing in South Bend, Andy spent time in broadcast journalism, politics, and public relations.



Ma’ayan Plaut

Ma’ayan Plaut is RadioPublic’s Content Strategist & (the first ever) Podcast Librarian, where she leads podcast curation in the iPhone, Android, and web apps, and supports podcast creators as they develop and market their shows. Before joining RadioPublic, Ma’ayan managed and developed award-winning social media and marketing projects for her alma mater, Oberlin College.


Jackie Vetrano

Jackie Vetrano is the online marketing and social media manager at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. In this role, she assists the social media and web content teams by analyzing data to make strategic decisions online. Vetrano is the co-host of Higher Ed Social, a weekly podcast breaking the silos in higher education through unique conversation. The podcast is also part of the ConnectEDU Podcast Network, a network of podcasts for higher education, which she founded. Vetrano spends her free time running, trying new foods, and posting photos of her cat on Instagram.


Steve App

Steve App is the creator and host of Seasons 1 and 2 of the Hashtag Higher Ed Podcast. A natural marketer and relationship builder, Steve has spent more than ten years in higher education, in both campus and agency environments. He has written about his favorite podcasts in higher education for Currents Magazine, appeared on a podcasting panel at the 2018 CASE SMC Conference, and is serving as a podcast judge for the CASE Circle of Excellence. An amateur runner and professional donut connoisseur, you can often find him on Twitter offering unsolicited podcasting advice.


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