April 30, 2014 12:32 pm


In this segment of Advancement Live (original air date 4.29), host Ryan Catherwood discusses with Jon Ruzek, some of his findings as the Director of Alumni Relations at the College of Education and Human Development, University of Minnesota. His segment features advice as to the keys to collaboration across the university, how to build strong connections within each department, strategies for social media and benchmarking with peer institutions. Jon is now the Senior Director of Alumni Networks at the University of Minnesota Alumni Association.

Questions posed to Jon:

1) One of the biggest keys to success as a solo alumni engagement pro at the collegiate unit level is to collaborate across the university. What were some of your successes at the College of Education and Human Development?
2) You mentioned in our pre-show call that it’s important to have some “go-to” faculty and similar relationships with departmental web content strategists. Why are these relationships important and who were some other key people to establish connections with?
3) What are some tips you have for using social media at the collegiate unit level?
4) You mentioned you did some benchmarking with other schools across the nation. What did you discover?
5) Why is it crucial to promote your alumni?



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Ryan Catherwood

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  • Ziggy_KUT

    Thanks for talk Ryan! Really interesting topic. Figuring out how to provide value back to your alumni is key. So, what do you recommend for Alumni Relations to work on to bring this value back. Moreover, how do you streamline that process. I have ideas, but curious to hear your thoughts. In my view, Q/A is the key. In fact, enabling students direct access to their mentors is key through this format.

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