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This post is written by Mallory Wood, at Sizzler, iModules User Conference.

Why do you need to measure alumni engagement?

DePauw created an Alumni Engagement Index (AEI) because:

  • Idea came out of benchmarking they did at the beginning of their campaign and a change in leadership.
  • “Did we have a good year?”
    • This question is sometimes tricky when you work in Alumni Engagement. DePauw had anecdotal evidence but no data.
  • ROI/Goal-setting in general

Alumni Engagement Index:

  • Track each action and unique individually engaged alumni
  • Data is stored in main alumni database
  • AEI is tabulated monthly: this was new for DePauw in the 2015-2016 fiscal year.
    • In previous years it was a heavy lift to calculate AEI and therefore it was only done a few times a year. Now DePauw can measure monthly. This allows them to be more nimble and respond to the data quickly.
  • Four categories
    • Go: attendance at events
    • Give: any fight to any fund during fiscal year
    • Help: alumni who volunteer to assist with admissions, career services class programs
    • Connect: online actions, feedback, class notes

“Go” Category

  • Broken down into several event subcategories
  • Old Gold (homecoming)
  • Monon Bell Telecast Parties
  • Monon Bell ticket sales
  • Regional Events
  • Virtual Alumni College
    • Free live streamed events featuring faculty members who are experts in current events
    • Use iModules to manage registration
  • Alumni Reunion Weekend
    • 5-day program
  • Other Events (athletic team reunions, legacy)
  • Most events are powered by Encompass
  • All event attendees get exported and loaded into main database monthly

“Give” Category

  • All alumni who make a fist tony fund during the fiscal year
  • For the purposes of the AEI, pledges don’t count
  • Only category where number of actions is not tracked

“Help” Category

  • Admissions
    • Prospective student recommendations
    • College Fair rep
    • Host an event or attend an event
  • Hubbard Center for Student Engagement
    • Intern or job shadow host
    • Career Fair rep
    • Speakers and programs
  • Alumni Engagement volunteers
    • Regional Chapter Leaders
    • Class and reunion volunteers
    • Board members
  • Admissions and Hubbard Center provide us with data
  • Support staff does “coding and loading” in real time

“Connect” Category

  • iModules profile activation
  • EverTrue download/account activation
  • EverTrue profile update
  • Class Notes submissions
  • Feedback
  • Social Media Interaction
    • Just the “DePauw Alumni” channels; Facebook likes, comments, shares and Twitter favorites and retweets
    • Alumni Engagement intern looks at each post and compiles list of alumni engaging there
  • Data exported monthly from iModules and EverTrue and stores in main database; Class Notes and Feedback loaded in real time


To measure results DePauw created a spreadsheet based on their four categories, the activities that fall into each section, results, goal, and % to goal.

  • Exceeded goal of total alumni activities
  • Exceeded goal for overall AEI

Alumni Affinity Scores

  • Homegrown predictive modeling using data already stores in alumni records for AEI
  • 5 year look-back
  • Calculated at the end of each fiscal year using data from that year and previous four years
  • Alumni records are loaded with a score for each of the four categories and an overall affinity score
  • iModules has a tool that will do this for you!


  • Building the infrastructure
  • Campus partners who own the data you need
  • Tracking apples to apples
  • Temptation to throw the baby out with the bathwater

Presented by Lindsay Carter, Director of Alumni Engagement for Campus and Regional Programs, DePauw University


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