UPDATE: A University of Lincoln official has spoken with Higher Ed Live regarding the videos

University of Lincoln student Tom Ridgewell (aka TomSka) decided to make a series of admissions videos for his beloved university. Only problem? They contain zombies, dinosaurs and fiery explosions.

(Watch his other two videos here and here)

Since their creation, the satirical videos have gone viral garnering nearly 1 million views in total. A quick comparison to the University of Lincoln YouTube page shows that they’ve actually gotten more views than all official videos combined.

Though the university never actually asked for their production, Ridgewell has jokingly pitched the videos as “banned” advertisements. A quick glimpse – videos are linked above – shows why the university likely would ban them, had they requested their production in the first place.

So what should the University of Lincoln do? To their credit, they have yet to directly address the videos or punish Ridgewell in anyway. Ridiculous or not, the videos are garnering attention, laughs and ultimately good PR.

Props to Ridgewell for the laugh and bravo to University of Lincoln for having the frame of mind to step back, laugh and enjoy the attention.

Looking for a bit more info on the videos and their creator? We tracked down Tom Ridgewell via Skype and talked with him about the videos, their popularity and his desire to produce a more serious commercial advertisement on behalf of his university.


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  • sbiernacki

    These are hilarious. He’s talented and has good intentions, and it’s awesome you were able to Skype with him. From the University’s perspective, at this point (being that they’re viral), they COULD acknowledge the videos but had best not criticize the fellow, which would be a recipe for disaster. At the least, they should point out that they were not “banned” and in no way directly associated with the University, and could ask kindly that Ridgewell change the video titles and add some language on YouTube. Will be interesting to see.

    Thanks for sharing this.

    • Seth Odell

      Totally agree! I was a huge fan of the videos when I first came across them. The thing I found most interesting during my chat with Tom was that he said he would love to do an actual admissions video for the university. I would love to see of Lincoln officials would tap Tom to put together a more serious video for them. Would be a great way to recognize his school spirit while still getting a more traditional video they could actually use.

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