Campus tours work because they’re an in person experience where students are able to form a personal connection to a campus and student life by experiencing it firsthand. There is no replacement for an in-person guided walking tour with a current student. At the same time, it’s not always possible for prospective students to travel to campus for this experience. As admissions teams strive to meet the needs of prospective students, they are leveraging technology and enhancing their communication strategies and education vendors continue to innovate communication platforms in ways that individual admission offices cannot.

In this episode of Admissions Live, Nicole Lentine speaks with Grace Hartman about campus tour efforts at Santa Clara University and technology experts at Guidebook about the merit of virtual campus tours and how technology can provide a “real campus experience.”


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Episode Host

Nicole Lentine

Nicole Lentine

Nicole Lentine is business development specialist at mStoner, Inc. Nicole works closely with mStoner's marketing team to connect with new clients, identifying their challenges and finding the solutions that best fit their needs. Nicole previously served as an admissions counselor at her alma mater, Champlain College in Burlington, VT. She speaks about college admissions and digital communication strategies at regional and national conferences including NEACAC, HigherEdWeb, and UBTech.


Grace Hartman

Grace is originally from East Contra Costa County in Northern California. Prior to coming Santa Clara University in 2012, she worked at her alma mater, Notre Dame de Namur University, in the Undergraduate Admission Office. At Santa Clara, she currently oversees all aspects of the visit experience, the ShadowSCU program and spends most of her time working with the Student Ambassadors who sit on panels and lead campus tours.


Trent Sandles

Trent is a GuidebookEDU Account Manager. As the Campus Visit Coordinator for Texas Wesleyan University, Trent implemented the model for campus tours, admitted student days, preview days, and junior visit days. He served as Sponsorship Committee Chair for CIVSA National 2015.


Aaron Ebert

Aaron is a Product Marketing Manager at Guidebook in San Francisco. Recently, he helped to launch Guidebook’s Self-Guided Mobile Tours after interviewing  admissions offices across the country in order to better comprehend the mobile needs of universities.



Nicole Lentine

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