We all know what a traditional advancement office looks like, but as giving behaviors change, constituents are looking for more than what’s traditional. Do you have a staff member dedicated to Facebook Live engagement? Someone to call on when it comes to crowdfunding? In this episode of Advancement Live, Kim Brown chats with three leaders in digital alumni engagement and fundraising about the concept of a “digital advancement office.” Where do you start? What would such an office look like? Learn how to convince your leadership to invest in digital and, in doing so, make a real investment in the future of your institution.


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Episode Host

Kim Infanti

Kim Infanti

Kim Infanti enjoys being a connector and finding new ways to foster relationships using social media. She is the Director of Strategic Communications and Digital Engagement in Syracuse University’s Office of Alumni Engagement. Prior to joining the alumni office, Kim oversaw alumni programs in Syracuse University’s Career Services office. One of her proudest accomplishments during that time was creating the @WorkingOrange Twitter handle, a concept that many peer institutions have since modeled.


Adam Miller

Adam Miller is director of digital and data services for the Stanford Alumni Association. In his role, Adam leads and owns the alumni association’s effort to craft a digital vision of the future. He is creator of the Relationship Model, an industry-leading behavioral segmentation model of alumni.


Andrew Gossen

Andrew Gossen is executive director for digital in Cornell University’s Division of Alumni Affairs and Development. In his role, he examines how emerging digital technologies can advance organizational goals by enhancing connectedness and engagement between constituents and organizations, as well as among the constituents themselves.


Ashley Budd

Ashley Budd is director of digital marketing for Cornell University’s Division of Alumni Affairs and Development. From year-long integrated media campaigns to one-off event photography and video, Ashley designs online experiences inspired by the real world.


Kim Infanti

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