January 23, 2014 3:39 pm


Host Ashley Budd welcomes Seth Odell back to Higher Ed Live to discuss how individuals will shape the future of higher education. Tune in as they kick off the year by setting the record straight.

Taken from the live broadcast, January 23, 2014.

Topics discussed during the LIVE broadcast include:

  • Working in higher education
  • Communicating value
  • Value and cost
  • Supporting diversity
  • Why 2014 might be the year to leave your university
  • 10 Ways to Hack 2014

10 Ways to Hack 2014 & Improve Efficiency, Effectiveness & Productivity

  1. Institute time tracking for yourself & your team
  2. Apply the Pareto Principle to everything you do
  3. Focus on the donut, not the hole
  4. Don’t mess with the “well oiled machine”
  5. Don’t just talk less, listen less
  6. Understand Circle of Influence vs. Circle of Concern
  7. Every goal needs to be measured
  8. Monitor what affects your mood & how your mood affects your work
  9. Remember you’re only as good as the last thing you shipped
  10. Make projects smaller, not bigger


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  • gloria

    I found this blog site to be very knowledgeable of what is going on in the U.S. college students need to be aware with what is going on so that they can be apart of the new change that are taken places at this time in our life.

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