Mark Greenfield, director,  Office of Web Services at University at Buffalo, Noel-Levitz consultant and all around leading industry thinker, joins the program to talk about the future of higher ed and what it means for your campus web team.

Where will higher ed be in a decade? Will our jobs and departments even exist? And if that ax is coming, how can we survive the cuts?


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Seth Odell

Founder and Advisor

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  • DeborahEdwards-Onoro

    Thanks for the

  • DeborahEdwards-Onoro

    Thanks for the

  • DeborahEdwards-Onoro

    Thanks for the wonderful show last night Seth. Not sure if you’ve seen it already, but Mark Greenfield tweeted a great link to “Outsourcing the Web Team” at, a series of posts from Deborah Fern.

    For those interested, I’ve posted notes from the show at:

  • Kelly Thomas

    There’s also a demographic trend. There’s fewer echo-boomers coming of “college age” than previous years. Universities that didn’t stay current and invest for the future will suffer as fewer students enter.

    • Kelly Thomas

      oh good, you guys did mention this… Good Job!

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  • Brian Kelly

    This video recording was well worth watching and raised important issues about the future of institutional Web services in higher education. However, whilst I agree that the Web has been instrumental in bringing about significant changes and we need to recognise that such changes will also have an impact on the way universities provide their services, I am concerned that. especially in the UK with its right-wing government, that out-sourcing could in the longer-term end up being counter-productive, with universities losing the expertise which will be needed in order to implement and exploit innovative approaches which are still continuing to be developed. I’ve mentioned some of the concerns which are particularly relevant for those working in the UK in my UK Web Focus blog at

    Thanks again to Mark and Seth for raising these issues.

    Brian Kelly, UKOLN,University of Bath, UK

  • David

    Mark Greenfield is not “director of web services at University of Buffalo”. There is no such position at UB.

    • Seth Odell

      Hi David,

      On the left hand side of that link it says “Director of Web Services – Enrollment & Planning.”

      Am I missing something?


      • David

        Enrollment and Planning is the registrar, student records, financial aid, etc. Mr. Greenfield is not even remotely involved in University-wide web initiatives and planning. It is disingenuous on Mr. Greenfield’s part to pass himself as “Director of Web Services” without context and those of us who do participate in the University-wide web initiatives find it offensive.

        • Seth Odell

          Sorry to hear you are offended by the language used. My takeaway from the language used was that he is “a” rather than “the.” For instance, when I tell folks I am a media relations representative at UCLA I don’t mean I am the representative for the entire campus, but rather my role within UCLA is as a media rep.

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  • mhawksey

    If anyone would like to make timeline based comments on this video it’s posted on the experimental uTitle service