I’ve spent months now trying to understand the “selfie” post. The photo of a person taken by that same person, often drinking Starbucks and wearing sunglasses while flirtatiously eyeing the camera.

I had nearly given up on this mystery – writing this off as just another way I don’t understand women – until of course I saw my male friends doing this, too.

No, I must figure this out. I need to understand! But, I couldn’t. I couldn’t understand why these individuals didn’t view their “selfies” as desperate and transparent attempts for attention and approval. And then, I felt a duck-faced friend’s selfie speak to me.

“Kind of like those ‘jokes’ you tell on Facebook, Eric?”

“That’s not the same thing at all.”

“Seems like a pretty desperate attention grab to me. We get it! You think you’re funny!”

“No, I AM funny.”

“Yeah, and I’m hot.”

Every post is a “selfie” – the desire for social approval. We seek out recognition for that which we value in ourselves. “Selfies” are absolutely weird. But we all do it – with every post.

So now that we have broken the code, let us reserve judgment and instead go forth and create beautiful opportunities for students to express themselves socially in a wholly positive way.

About the Author
Eric Olsen is Director of Enrollment Communications for Lewis University, a mid-sized Catholic and Lasallian University near Chicago, IL. Follow Eric on Twitter.


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