In 2010, Higher Ed Live set out to become the most valuable professional development option for higher education professionals.

For a decade, we offered tens of thousands of viewers direct access to the best and brightest minds in education. We broadcasted live from the industry’s largest conferences. We delivered insights around the most important issues in student affairs, marketing, admissions, advancement, and more. Our network expanded from live broadcasts to podcasts, in-person events, blogs, and industry partnerships. We promoted learning, innovation, excellence, engagement, respect, and leadership.

We’re proud of what we built. We’re proud of the people we connected and the insights we’ve shared. We care deeply about education and the hard-working professionals who care deeply about it, too. And we’re honored that you’ve chosen to participate in discussions and come along on this journey with us.

But. (You knew this was coming.) Nothing lasts forever.

Higher Ed Live aired its final broadcast on January 9, 2020. Effective December 31, 2020, this site will no longer be active. Viewers can find all previous episodes on our YouTube channel, which will live in perpetuity. Listeners will have access to the podcast until July 2021.

Even as we sunset the site, mStoner is considering how to evolve Higher Ed Live and honor the insights and knowledge that the network has accrued over the years. While we don’t know exactly what’s next, we do know that we’re thankful for our viewers, our sponsors, and our memories.

Thank you for an amazing decade.

Mallory Willsea
Executive Producer

Ashley Budd
Broadcast Producer


Article Author

Mallory Willsea

Mallory Willsea

Executive Producer
Director of Marketing and Business Developement, mStoner, Inc.

Mallory Willsea brings more than a decade of marketing, digital, and enrollment marketing experience to Higher Ed Live and mStoner. Mallory serves as the main point of contact for Higher Ed Live sponsors. As head of marketing and sales for mStoner, Mallory develops the firm's marketing strategy and works with potential clients to identify right-fit solutions.


Mallory Willsea

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