July 30, 2012 3:44 am


Justin Bayer, founder of Welcome to College, joins us in-person for this open-ended call in episode of Higher Ed Live. From mobile on campus to teens thoughts on the recruitment process, we take calls from viewers around the country and discuss the most pressing issues they’re addressing today.

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  • Eric Olsen

    Great show, Seth. Two comments re: your conversation @ 57:45

    1) Does Facebook’s recent announcement of “Page Post Targeting” solve your former fragmentation problem? Or rather, allow you to be “fragmented” again, without being irrelevant?

    2) And, then a question on your recent engagement record-smashing. I’ve been having this debate recently. That “Hey Lewis! (my school) What’s your favorite Chicago pizza?” would undoubtedly be our #1 engagement post of the month, and yet arguably accomplish little in terms of being helpful, informative and promoting our branding goals. Creating “engaging” content that has nothing to do with our relationship with those who have decided to follow us in the first place. Not suggesting yours are at all, but theoretically, does “useless engagement” exist?

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