July 25, 2014 11:28 am


In this edition of Marketing Live,which originally aired live on July 24, 2014, guests Patrick Burt, David Hooper and Jessica Rood discuss developing, planning and executing your marketing budget—big or small—to find a great media mix for your institution, balancing digital and traditional approaches for solid and measurable return on investment.

Marketing budgets need a delicate balance of traditional and digital paid, owned and earned efforts to move the needle. Hear how institutions are using smart resource investments and strategic targeting, to reach the right audiences with the right content and messages to raise awareness, increase enrollment, improve fundraising outcomes and drive engagement.

Patrick Burt
Creative Director
University of Central Florida

David Hooper
Assistant Vice President of Digital Marketing and Content Strategy
Longwood University

Jessica Rood
Director of Communications and Marketing
New College of Florida

Tim Jones (host)
AVP of Marketing
Clarkson University

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Higher Ed Live is produced by mStoner, a marketing and communications firm that works with education institutions on branding, strategy, web design, and more.


Tim Jones

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  • Eric Olsen

    Really great episode. As a follow-up, I really WOULD be curious to see an example of a typical promotional split within Higher Ed by medium.

    • Tim Jones

      Thanks Eric! I can say that at my previous institution, the split started out around 90% traditional (print, out-of-home, broadcast, radio, in-stadium, etc.) with only about 10% digital, most of which came as a bonus from print buys, ie full pagers showing up as part of the digital distributions. That was during 2-yrs of a brand campaign. Second time around, we moved to about 60-70% digital and social while hanging on to multiple placements in a few key thought leader pubs, direct mail (print and digital) peer outreach, broadcast tv and radio (in conjunction with conference tv contracts) and some strategic event sponsorships. For big schools, decentralized purchasing / placements might make it more challenging to alter the mix. There’s another show in that idea alone!

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