June 5, 2014 3:00 pm


Thursday, June 5th at 1:00pm ET


Social Media: What is the best way to communicate with students? Facebook engagement is steadily decreasing and Higher Ed pros are desperately seeking the best way to connect and communicate with students? Where do we need to move to within the social media world to keep good communication flowing?

Thank you to our guests!

Meaghan Wood, Sophomore at Skidmore College in Saratoga Springs, NY
James McGee, Senior at the University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa, AL
Matthew Flynn II, Clarkson University Alumnus and incoming law student at the University of New Hampshire
Josh Leppert, Freshman at Michigan State University
Connor Sullivan, Freshman at Michigan State University

Marketing Live Notes

  • All Communication
    • Don’t over communicate
    • Hands-on or personal interaction is best when seeking involvement, not social media
    • Try different ways to communicate to reach students
    • Messages are easily lost in big universities
    • Flyers are the best way to get information about events on campus
    • Memes are still cool
    • Sidewalk chalk messages are effective
    • Humor works
  • Emails
    • Consolidate communication
    • Stop sending so many – students are starting to ignore them
  • Texts
    • Only for emergencies
  • Twitter
    • Leverage hashtags so students can filter what they’re looking for
    • 2/5 student guests use Twitter
    • Consolidating into one account may be overwhelming
    • Students mostly follow the main university and sports accounts
  • Linkedin
    • It’s a great place to connect with alumni – to help get jobs
  • Facebook
    • Should be targeted to parents
    • Might work for group projects
    • Students should leverage privacy tools
    • Fragmenting into too many accounts makes them ineffective – all students were unaware that their career services offices use social media
    • Students mostly follow the main university and sports accounts
  • Websites
    • Website Calendars are a great way to plan ahead
    • Consolidating information helps
  • Instagram
    • A great tool for contests
  • Snapchat
    • Some schools are using it, but not all students are


Twitter Quotes: James likes to use his phone to contact people texting and snapchat. RT and share how you communicate. Facebook content should be targeted to PARENTS! Students speaking on higheredlive now. I hope career services is listening to higheredlive right now: your students don't know that you're on social media (if you are!) Fact: We need to cut down silos in higher ed to make information flow to students easier.


Amy Jorgensen

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