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This post is written by Mallory Wood, at Sizzler, iModules User Conference.


What do you think of when you hear the term “engagement?” 

Engagement doesn’t stop at attendance or donations. Fordham encourages you to expand your definition to include:

  • Networking
  • Donations
  • Registration
  • Social Media
  • Tweets
  • Collaboration
  • Friends
  • Clicks
  • Participation
  • Shares
  • Communication
  • Privileges
  • And so many more!

Engage through your homepage.

  • Articles that link to other pages
  • Photos of alumni
  • Alumni spotlights
  • Upcoming events
  • Easy access to other forms of engagement

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Engage through Events

  • RSS Feed from master alumni event calendar on relevant pages
  • Encouraged donation
  • Language about alumni participation
    • This makes donors feel good about their gift and what it is doing for their institution.
  • Utilizing attendee list

Registration landing pages are important. Keep them consistent with branding and have a strong call to action. Fordham uses “Join Us” instead of “Register Now.”

At the bottom of the registration page, include an optional donation message and language about why donations of any size are important.

What is important to your alumni? Ask them!

  • Career services
  • Mentoring
  • Networking
  • Better communication of benefits and services
  • Giving to financial aid
  • Maintaining Jesuit/Catholic identity
  • Value of their degree

Fordham featured the results from the survey in a beautiful infographic, created by their in-house team, on their Forever Fordham site.

Synergy: Social Media Content

Fordham repurposes content on social media that links back to iModules pages, promotes iModules features, highlights content from the homepage, and shares event promotion, recaps, and class notes.

Synergy: Email Marketing

Fordham learned that emails coming from a specific person will have a higher open rate. A recognizable name goes a long way!

Synergy: Events


Synergy: Reunions

  • Printed mateirals
  • Social media
  • Adding graduate school specific reunions
  • Unique experiences: meet the president or dean, stay on campus
  • Post-event survey
  • Attendee list
    • Fordham created a page for each class. It was an easy way for alumni to find their classmates.
  • Encouraged donation
  • iModules event app:
    • Fordham launched in May 2016
    • ~400 users in the first month
    • Full schedule of events and create your own itinerary
    • Attendee list and checked-in attendees
    • Campus maps
    • Neighborhood maps and attractions
    • FAQs

Outside of alumni, you also need to engage …

  • Prospective students and parents
  • Local companies
  • Corporate sponsorships and local companies
  • Current students
  • Faculty and administrators

Track your engagement!

  • Email open rates and what people are clicking on
  • Website usage, unique log-ins, pages visited
  • Profiles updated, emails sent, class notes submitted
  • Social media friends/followers and likes/shares/retweets
  • Event registration and attendance, event revenue and donations
  • Third party participation (survey, directory project, credit card, travel program)
  • Volunteers

Ideas and discussion from the crowd

  • Share the best class notes on social media. This will help alum see what type of stories you’re looking for.
  • Evertrue’s Giving Tree platform lets you see what your constituents respond to best on social media. It’s great, but unfortunately you can’t export this data.
  • After many requests, Fordham started to offer email for life through Gmail. Alumni can request access at Forever Fordham.

Presenters: Sara Hunt Munoz and Taylor McDonnell


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