Want to be seen on Facebook? In this episode Chad Wittman, founder of Edgerank Checker, breaks down Facebook Edgerank, the social network’s algorithm that determines what content appears in users’ newsfeeds. For marketers, better understanding Edgerank means increasing your chances to connect and engage with your community.

Want to learn how to increase your Edgerank, and therefor your exposure on Facebook? From affinity to weight and time decay, Wittman breaks down tips, tricks and everything you need to know.

Interested in a text recap of the episode? Check out this great blog post by Alaina Wiens.

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    I would like to give a sincere “Thank you!” to Seth and the entire higher ed community for the support of the virtual 5K. This community has been such a comfort with positive thoughts, prayers and encouragement through this ordeal.

  • Chad, really appreciate your insights. My biggest question is now, with the sophistication of Facebook’s newly released Analytics, what are the biggest advantages you see in EdgeRankChecker we can’t do manually on our own?

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