Professionals within higher education are divided on the concept of student consumerism – some have embraced treating the student as a consumer, and others are pushing back. In this episode of Admissions Live, Joe Sallustio will explore both perspectives regarding today’s students. Join us for a friendly discussion with guests Dr. Robert McManus and Dr. Jean Norris.


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Episode Host

Joe Sallustio

Joe Sallustio

Joe Sallustio is the Chief Operations Officer with Claremont Lincoln University (CLU). CLU is a regionally accredited, non-profit, 100% online university offering socially conscious Masters degrees to students engaging in positive social change. As COO, Joe works diligently to broadcast the mission of CLU, which is to treat others as you would like to be treated (the Golden Rule), and to champion the skills of mindfulness, dialogue, collaboration, and change and their relevance for the 21st-century leadership workforce. Prior to his role at CLU, Joe worked for 15 years in the for-profit college and university sector with institutions that offered a certificate to doctoral level educational options. Joe has expertise working with both nationally accredited and regionally accredited institutions. Joe earned a Bachelor of Science in Speech Communications from the State University of New York College at Oneonta, a Master’s degree in Organizational Leadership from Regis University, and is currently pursuing his Doctoral degree in Organizational Leadership at Northcentral University. Joe has a deep passion for higher education and consistently challenges traditionalism.



Dr. Robert McManus

Robert is the chair of the Masters of Organizational Leadership Program’s ethics concentration at Claremont Lincoln University. He is also the McCoy Professor of Leadership Studies and Communication at the McDonough Center for Leadership and Business at Marietta College (Ohio). Dr. McManus is the co-editor of Ethical Leadership: A Primer (Edward Elgar, 2018) and the co-author of Understanding Leadership: An Arts and Humanities Perspective (Routledge, 2015). He served as a section editor for Leadership in Complex Worlds (Jossey-Bass), and his work has appeared in the Journal of Leadership Studies. McManus has also served as the Chair of the Leadership Education Member Interest Group of the International Leadership Association. He regularly teaches classes on the foundations of leadership, organizational leadership, theories and models of leadership, and global leadership. He is an award-winning educator and has traveled internationally teaching on leadership in global contexts. His forthcoming book, Leadership and Communication: Theory and Practice, will be released in 2021 (Routledge). McManus holds a Ph.D. in Communication as well as a Master of Business Administration.


Dr. Jean Norris

Jean is one of the leading advocates for the college admissions profession. In her 31 year, higher education career, Jean led admissions and marketing divisions at a number of private colleges and universities across the U.S. She also served as faculty and academic dean for allied health and leadership studies programs. Currently Jean is a managing partner at Norton Norris, Inc., a Chicago-based marketing/consulting/training firm focused exclusively in the higher education sector. She also volunteers as the Chairman of the Board for AACAP (The Association for the Advancement of the College Admissions Profession). Her unique mix of experience working in the enrollment trenches, consulting for hundreds of organizations and training thousands of professionals makes her a sought after speaker and presenter. Jean is the developer of EnrollMatch® – a comprehensive admissions training program offering proven results to balance compliance and performance. Dr. Norris recently launched MyGuidance Coach® (MGC), a student software system that provides pre-enrollment advising for prospective students 24/7. Jean holds an Ed.D. in Organizational Leadership as well as a Masters in Communication and Training.


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