January 13, 2013 4:38 pm


In this roundtable discussion Oberlin’s Ma’ayan Plaut, Harvard’s Mike Petroff, and Bravery Transmedia’s Joel Goodman join us to speculate on the future as we discuss potential trends in higher ed web & marketing for 2013. From social to mobile and online learning, we cover it all and make some bold predictions on what’s to come.

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  • http://twitter.com/eolsencreative Eric Olsen

    Loved Philosophy-Seth’s statements on living a zen life. Here’s my big question regarding these 2013 trends. Are we truly able to see trends at an objectively ‘macro’ level? Or are we projecting on the industry based on where we currently are as individuals? For instance, are your 2013 goals based on the fact that 2012-you already got a working grasp on ‘social’, and 2011-you did the conference tour and met and learned from a bunch of awesome industry folk. And 2010-you already figured out that tech and tools without strategy are nothing. So, rather than 2013 being the year of X, I think the person new to the game still has to go through our 2010 lessons this year, perhaps just a bit quicker than we did, since we can help them make less mistakes along the way.

    • Seth Odell

      Fantastic point. I think you are absolutely right on with this. 

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