Higher ed marketing has been shifting away from traditional roles and tactics. More and more universities are hiring Chief Marketing Officers, or CMOs.

Formstack, sponsor of our Marketing Live channel, wanted to see how CMOs are affecting change at the university level. So we teamed up with their crew to survey over 550 higher ed professionals, including many Higher Ed Live followers!

This new report – “Is Your University Ready for a CMO?” – reports the findings of Formstack’s survey. The data reveals whether schools with marketing leadership are more successful than those without it. In addition, the report shows how marketing technology is shaping the future of higher ed marketing.

Some key findings:

  • 35% of universities currently have a CMO
  • 79% of universities with a CMO have a strategic marketing plan, compared to 53% of those without a CMO
  • Universities with marketing leadership are 21% more likely to use cutting-edge marketing technology
  • Paid digital media and social media are the top two areas where university professionals want to put their marketing resources

Want a copy of the complete report? Visit formstack.com/CMOreport to download it free.


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