On August 1, Eric Stoller officially passed the torch to me as the new host of Student Affairs Live and since then I’ve been excited to get things started!  Today, I am thrilled to share with you the upcoming schedule and guests!  

Student Affairs Live (#SAlive) will remain on Wednesday’s and will be at either 12:00pm EST or 7:00pm EST (depending on the guest’s schedule.)

– Wednesday, September 12 (12pm EST): Kevin Kruger, President – NASPA (Topic: All Things NASPA and the 2013 Conference)
– Wednesday, September 19 (12pm EST): Ellen Heffernan, Partner, Spellman and Johnson Group (Topic: Moving Up in Student Affairs)
– Wednesday, September 26 (12pm EST): Tim Bounds, Duke University (Topic: Student Affairs and Information Technology)

Student Affairs Live will be using the Google Plus On-Air Hangout platform as I used on my previous show and Mike Hamilton will, once again, be assuming co-hosting duties and helping me manage the backchannel and questions that come in live!

Also, as I look to October and November’s calendar, please be part of the planning process by contributing your ideas!

I am grateful to Seth Odell for the opportunity to be part of the HigherEdLive family and look forward to take #SAlive to new heights!  Please join me on Wednesday, September 12 at 12pm as we kick off the new Student Affairs Live!


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