It’s no secret — recruitment travel is exhausting. Early mornings, late nights, limited time and options for meals; it all takes a physical and emotional toll on many a road warrior. But it doesn’t need to be this way. In this episode of Admissions Live, our guests focus on balance and travel wellness. Topics covered will include:

  • Eating well
  • Staying active
  • Maintaining a healthy sleep cycle
  • Focusing on your mental health

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Episode Host

Erin Supinka

Erin Supinka

Erin is social media manager at Dartmouth College and contributing editor of the Higher Ed Live Blog. Erin holds a Bachelor of Science in Journalism from Rochester Institute of Technology. Connect with Erin on twitter, @erinsupinka.


Courtney Kipp

Courtney Kipp is a Senior Assistant Director of Admissions at Northeastern University. Courtney travels domestically and internationally each fall, and she is also enrolled in Northeastern’s Doctor of Education Program. Despite busy travel and reading seasons as well as a lot of reading and writing to complete her doctoral thesis, Courtney prioritizes health and fitness every day. Courtney is a self-proclaimed fitness guru: she has completed 8 half marathons, taught kickboxing and group fitness classes during graduate school, and loves to try new exercise classes and routines. She is happy to help other admissions professionals create fitness programs they can take anywhere with them to help them stay healthy on the road!


Heather Zeman

Heather Zeman is the Senior Associate Director and Coordinator of International Recruitment at Simmons College in Boston, MA, where she is also pursuing her MS in Nutrition and Health Promotion. Over the course of 8 travel seasons, 4 of which have taken her overseas, Heather has maintained a commitment to her personal health and developed a passion for helping others do the same. Heather’s goal is to promote the concept of travel wellness while supporting fellow admission counselors & business travelers who strive to maintain their balance at home & away. Heather welcomes questions or suggestions at and invites you to follow along on her wellness journey on Instagram @welltraveledhealth.


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