We’re curious to know what marketers, admission officers, and web managers in higher ed know — or think they know — about how teens use a college or university’s website when they’re searching for or deciding upon an institution to attend.



We’ll select one person at random from those who complete the entire survey for a free admission to the 2016 Symposium for the Marketing of Higher Education, the premier event for college and university marketers.

Higher Ed Live and mStoner Inc. is conducting this research in partnership with Chegg. They’re launching a similar survey for teens. Results from both surveys will inform a white paper titled “Mythbusting Websites: Where Prospects and Professionals Agree, and Disagree, on How Teens Use Websites in College Search.”

We partnered with Chegg on a similar project last year. In our white paper, we pointed out that “One of our main objectives in doing this research was to illuminate and address some of the myths we encounter in conversation, blog posts, tweets, and the well-meaning advice we hear people offer based on a limited view of data mismatched with actual behavior.” You can find out more about that project — “Mythbusting Admissions” — and download the white paper if you’re interested.

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Mallory Willsea

Mallory Willsea

Director of Marketing, mStoner Inc.

Mallory Willsea brings more than a decade of marketing, digital, and enrollment marketing experience to mStoner. Mallory is responsible for mStoner’s marketing strategy, works with clients to develop social media strategies, and manages EDUniverse Media.