A brand is owned by the customers who draw meaning from it. In his new book The Brand Flip, Marty Neumeier shares 10 new realities for brands, where customer identity, not company identity, takes precedence. He writes, “The primary good that a company can offer its customers is empowerment. The best brand builders see greatness in their customers, and figure out ways to enable it.” Drawing on his decades of experiences in developing brands for some of the biggest names in retail and technology, Marty will offer his insights for the higher education sector.

In this episode of Marketing Live, Rob Zinkan hosts an exclusive interview with Marty Neumeier. Tune in live as they discuss the implications for higher ed and how colleges and universities can position themselves for the “meaning economy.”


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Episode Host

Rob Zinkan

Rob Zinkan

Rob Zinkan became vice president at RHB, a higher education marketing consultancy, in 2019. Rob has more than 20 years of experience in higher education administration, serving in senior leadership positions in marketing and advancement. He spent the past 17 years at Indiana University, most recently in a system-wide role as associate vice president for marketing. He also served in campus-level roles there as vice chancellor for external affairs and assistant dean for advancement. Rob holds a doctorate from Creighton University, a master’s from Xavier University, and a bachelor’s from Wabash College. He serves on the AMA Symposium for the Marketing of Higher Education conference committee, contributes to Inside Higher Ed’s “Call to Action” blog, and is a recent CASE commissioner (Commission on Communications and Marketing).


Marty Neumeier

Mary Neumeier is director of transformation at Liquid Agency where he helps some of the world’s most amazing companies become even more amazing. He is a best-selling author and lectures all over the globe about the role of creativity and innovation in the creation of relevant and meaningful brand experiences.

His latest book, The Brand Flip, is the long-awaited sequel to The Brand Gap. It offers a simple formula for addressing the changes brought by social media and the rising power of customers. Another book, ZAG, was named one of the “100 Best Business Books of All Time.”


Rob Zinkan

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