Higher education has been no stranger to reputational issues, especially in the recent past. The approach to crisis management from a communications/PR/media relations has long been documented—and continues to be refined and elevated. The question of the hour—and of the episode—is: If and to what extent does Marketing fit into the management, response and measurement of the impact of such situations? You will learn the answer to this fundamental question and take away some real-world strategies and tactics that can get you started on a marketing playbook for your institution.


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Episode Host

Kin Sejpal

Assistant Vice President, Marketing and Branding Rochester Institute of Technology

Kinnari “Kin” Sejpal serves as the Assistant Vice President for Marketing and Branding at Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT). In this inaugural role, she leads a team of branding, marketing, customer relationship, and marketing intelligence professionals. She also provides oversight to college- and division-level marketing and communications functions and guides brand and marketing initiatives for RIT’s four global campuses. In her (almost) two years at RIT, Kin has led a successful rebranding initiative, kicked off a first-of-its-kind reputational campaign, and helped launch a holistic and integrated web presence for the University. Kin comes from a higher education background; she previously worked at Purdue University, where she held a variety of roles within the marketing strategy area. While at Purdue, Kin earned Master’s in Communication and Master’s in Business Administration degrees.



Carol Kesse

Associate Vice President, Marketing University of Virginia
Carol Keese is the Associate Vice President for Marketing at the University of Virginia and is responsible for brand stewardship, visual identity, marketing planning and execution. In this role, she oversees for branding and communications initiatives that serve strategic objectives and advance the reach and reputation of one of the nation’s most iconic public Universities. Keese leads efforts by external agencies and a strong internal creative team to faithfully articulate and evolve the University’s brand and to execute programs that grow perception, engagement, and support for the work of the institution. Over the last five years, she helped lead a comprehensive process to fundamentally define and position the University’s brand and to successfully achieve adoption across the entire UVA portfolio: Athletics, Advancement, ten major Schools and the UVA Health System. Carol previously served as Vice President for Marketing and Communications at Children’s National Health System in Washington D.C., and as Senior Director of Public Affairs at Johns Hopkins. Prior to those positions, she was Director of Marketing at the University of Virginia Health System, a major academic medical center.


Bianca Tomlin

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