No matter what campus you were on in 2016, big things happened.

Higher Ed Live was there to cover it all. From getting your president on social media to LGBTQ+ and Latinx issues after the #OrlandoShooting, here are the top episodes of 2016.

Admissions Live

State of College Admissions

Each year, Admissions Live kicks off the new year with an episode about the state of college admission. Back with us this year is a leading voice in higher education, Scott Jaschik, editor at Inside Higher Ed.


Texting in Admissions, A Year Later

In June 2015 we spoke with James Wiseman, Vice President of Enrollment at Carroll University, about mobile recruiting in admission. One year later, James came back, ready to revisit his text messaging strategy and present the results.


Advancement Live

Engaging New Alumni

Kim Brown speaks with student and young alumni engagement experts from the Purdue Alumni Association and Loyola University Chicago, as well as a strategist from iModules, about fresh ideas for connecting with our most recent graduates — and keeping them interested in their alma maters long after they’ve flipped their tassels.


Challenges and Opportunities in Alumni Relations

Andy Shaindlin, author of Alumni Futures, and Julie Sina, associate vice chancellor at UCLA, discuss the challenges and opportunities confronting alumni relations practitioners in 2016 and beyond.


Marketing Live

Social Media and Your President

Hear from Tony Dobies, social media strategist for West Virginia University, about how they strategically introduced President Gordon Gee, reporting on social media successes, and tailoring a plan to fit the personality of your president.


How To Become a Social Media Manager

Learn more about social media manager career development, skills required, developing strategies, implementation, and some of the biggest lessons they’ve learned while cultivating audiences for top universities.


Student Affairs Live

LGBTQ+Latinx Issues in Student Affairs

A previous episode featuring A Dialogue On Orlando generated a wider conversation about missing Latinx voices and the intersectional issues between the Latinx community and the LGBTQ+ community. In this episode, we pick up that conversation and discuss the complexity of Latinx and LGBTQ+ issues in student affairs with an esteemed panel of scholars, educators, and activists.


Generation Z Goes to College

Corey Seemiller and Meghan Grace, authors of Generation Z Goes to College, discuss the whole new set of attributes and experiences that Generation Z brings to higher education.


Special Edition

The State of Online Education

Is the online education market completely saturated? Supply seems to be way up, while demand is down. Does online education offer the promise of great opportunity for universities? The reality of the market is – it has never been more complex or competitive.


Texting and the Law

You want to text students but you don’t know where to start. You don’t know the rules. Luckily, it’s easy to stay in compliance. Learn the legal considerations you need to know before texting students. Get expert advice on how to use texting to increase engagement and take action on summer melt. This episode sponsored by Mongoose.



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Daniella Nordin

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Daniella is a digital content strategist with a roots in social media marketing. Her work includes producing and curating content that engages — and cultivates — alumni and prospective students. She fangirls over finding ways to creatively share stories online and offline. A native of the great state of Ohio, Daniella is a graduate of The Ohio State University (#BuckeyeForLife) and holds an M.A. in Communications from the University at Albany, SUNY. You can find her drinking Diet Coke, watching The West Wing, and listening to podcasts, when she isn't co-hosting Ladies 80s on the Skidmore College radio station.


Daniella Nordin

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