Thursday, May 22, 2014 at 1:00pm ET
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Want to get more out of your work day? There’s an app for that. Regardless of where you sit in your institution, technology has infiltrated and impacted almost every aspect of our work days. Let’s sort through the clutter, get beyond disruption and spend an hour talking about work hacks that save time, support new business practices and reveal the real cost of doing business in a tech-driven world.

Host Ashley Budd leads a fast paced show uncovering the world of productivity in the workplace with guest George H. Williams, editor of the Chronicle of Higher Education’s ProfHacker blog.

GuestGeorge Williams is associate professor of English at University of South Carolina Upstate. George teaches literature and writing and is known for his collaborations with others using digital tools for teaching, learning and scholarly projects. George also serves as one of two editors of the Chronicle of Higher Education’s ProfHacker Blog, a resource for teaching, technology and productivity.

RescueTime: Your daily dashboard
Slack: Be less busy
IFTTT: Put the internet to work for you
Doodle: Easy scheduling
Google Docs: Online documents, spreadsheets, presentations, surveys, file storage and more

Text expansion software: See “Smarting Typing Through Text Expansion,” by Ryan Cordell:

Password management software: See “Maintaining Sanity and Security: Why Use a Password Manager?” by Amy Cavender:

Suggested reading: “Is it too early to think about grading?” by Jason Jones

Suggested reading: “Using Text-Expansion Software to Respond to Student Writing,” by George Williams

Suggested reading: “Responding to Student Writing (audio style),” by Billie Hara

Suggested reading: “Talking with Students through Screencasting: Experimentations with Video Feedback to Improve Student Learning,” by Riki Thompson and Meredith J. Lee


mStoner, a marketing and communications firm that works with education institutions on branding, strategy, web design, and more. In June mStoner is hosting an in-depth two-part webinar series focused on brand strategy. Register Now

Omni Update, the leading web CMS provider for higher education. The company focuses on providing an exceptional customer experience to its 40,000+ OU Campus CMS users around the globe. Web governance: Is your institution doing it right? Find out! Read More.

Formstack, a robust online form building solution. With an intuitive drag and drop interface, the platform makes it easy for marketers to create branded, mobile web forms without writing code. Using Formstack, higher ed marketers have the power to integrate existing applications, ensure software compliance, and double online response rates.

Episode Host

Ashley Budd

Ashley Budd

Ashley Budd is a digital strategist and designer based in upstate New York. She specializes in bringing offline experiences online. Ashley is director of digital marketing at Cornell University serving Alumni Affairs and Development. Prior to joining the team at Cornell, Ashley spent more than five years in Enrollment Management and Career Services at Rochester Institute of Technology. Ashley speaks about college admissions, digital fundraising, communication and media technologies.

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