So, you want to start a career in admissions. Did you know that Enrollment Managers agonize over the recruitment and retention of personnel almost as much as the funnel? It’s true. We work in a field where consistency is vital, yet often unattainable. Professionals at all levels find challenges getting in, staying in, and moving up.

In this episode of Admissions Live, we speak with co-founders and members of #EMchat. Learn about this active online community of higher ed professionals. Hear the best ways to break into enrollment management, find your happy place, and prepare for career advancement.


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Episode Host

Adam Castro

Adam Castro

Adam Castro currently serves as the Vice President of Admissions at Mercy College, a private, multi-campus, comprehensive college in New York. His portfolio includes the areas of college admissions, marketing, branding, and analytics, and the Student Services Support Center. Prior to arriving at Mercy, Adam spent nearly fifteen years at Bloomfield College, the last seven as Vice President for Enrollment Management overseeing admissions, marketing, and financial aid. Adam is an active member of numerous organizations including the National Association of College Admission Counselors (NACAC), the American Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers (AACRAO), and NAFSA: Association for International Educators. He is also co-host of Admissions Live, a monthly professional development program on the Higher Ed Live network. A New Jersey resident, Adam received his master’s degree in Public Administration from Kean University and holds a bachelor’s degree in Journalism and Media Studies from the Rutgers University School of Communication and Library Studies.


Jennielle Strother

Jennielle Strother is currently the dean of enrollment at University of the Incarnate Word in San Antonio, TX. A natural-born connector, Jennielle founded two organizations, #EMchat and TXwHEART, as a way to help connect higher education professionals with others who have common interests, strengths, and goals. Jennielle is a first-generation college student, former college-athlete, recovering college coach, and full-time higher education change agent AKA enrollment manager. Jennielle holds a B.S. in Education, M.Ed. in Enrollment Management, and is earning her Ed.D in Organizational Leadership from Northeastern University in Boston, MA. Jennielle ‘s role models are her fearless husband, her caring daughter, and her hilarious son.

Follow her on Twitter at @EMjennielle.


Alex Williams

Alex is a co-founder of #EMchat, an online community of higher education enrollment management professionals interested in advancing the field. He is also currently a Senior Program Manager at Technolutions where he assists schools in the implementation and strategic use of Slate, an encompassing admissions solution including CRM, outreach, travel management, online applications, and online reading. He holds both a BA in Composition and Rhetoric and MBA from Salisbury University in Maryland and currently resides in Connecticut with his wife and two sons.

Follow him on Twitter at @AlexMWilliams_.


Carlos Cano

Carlos Cano is the Assistant Director of Undergraduate Admission at William Paterson University in New Jersey. An alum of WPU, Carlos is also in his last year of a Master of Arts in Higher Education Administration program concentrating in Leadership Studies at the institution. Carlos is a member in good standing of the National Association for College Admissions Counseling (NACAC) and the New Jersey Association of College Admissions Counseling (NJACAC) where he serves as Treasurer. He is also a moderator for #EMChat; an online community for Enrollment Management professionals.

Follow Carlos on Twitter at @WPCarlosC.


Brian Switay

Brian has been in higher education since 2010. After graduating from Wilkes University, Wilkes-Barre,Pa, with a degree in Communications, he decided to continue his education by obtaining his Master’s degree in Business Administration at Wilkes. While pursuing his Masters’, he decided to become a graduate assistant for the Office of Student Development. By being a liaison to a variety of student organizations and helping with admission events, he was offered a job with The National Society of Leadership and Success in Hoboken, NJ, in 2012. His role was to work with various students across the country to help establish the collegiate honor society at their individual schools. He was able to get back onto a college campus in 2013 when an opening for an Admissions Counselor opened at Stevens Institute of Technology. Brian is still at Stevens as the Assistant Director of Recruitment, holds memberships in NACAC, NJACAC, SACAC, and TACAC, and is an active member of #EMchat.

Follow Brian on Twitter at @brianatstevens.


Adam Castro

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