Vice President of Marketing at Mongoose Research, Marty Agius, joins Admissions Live for an overview of best practices in an admissions-first approach to mobile communication strategies. From text messaging to mobile web sites, Marty brings over 26 years of marketing experience to the show along with dos and don’ts for mobile web content curation.

Taken from the live broadcast, June 19, 2012.

Topics discussed during the LIVE broadcast include:

  • Text messaging
  • Admissions-first mobile strategy
  • Admissions-first mobile content
  • Branding
  • Dos and Don’ts
  • Case studies
  • ROI
    … and much more


Rethinking Mobile in Higher Ed: An Argument for an Admissions-First Approach by Seth Odell

Browse screen shots of admissions-first mobile sites on the Mongoose Research Pinterest page:

Mongoose Research – Leading Strategies for Mobile Communication in Higher Ed


Champlain College

Nazareth College

St. Mary’s University

Gardner-Webb University



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Episode Host

Ashley Budd

Ashley Budd

Ashley Budd is a digital strategist and designer based in upstate New York. She specializes in bringing offline experiences online. Ashley is director of digital marketing at Cornell University serving Alumni Affairs and Development. Prior to joining the team at Cornell, Ashley spent more than five years in Enrollment Management and Career Services at Rochester Institute of Technology. Ashley speaks about college admissions, digital fundraising, communication and media technologies.

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