Young alumni present colleges and universities with both challenges and opportunities. Transitioning into alumni status during a period of rising tuition, increased student loan burden, a depressed economy, and a challenging job market, they don’t behave the same way that older generations of alumni do. Advancement professionals working with this audience can’t depend on conventional fundraising and engagement strategies to mobilize this population that is now positioned at the beginning of the donor and volunteer pipelines.

This show featured three experts on young alumni giving and engagement: TCU Director of Student and Young Alumni Programs Harmonie Farrow, the University of South Carolina’s Director of Annual Giving, Steve Farwick, and Assistant Director of Alumni Relations and Annual Giving at MIT’s Sloan School of Management Shane Dunn. A consensus emerged that education, peer-to-peer outreach, career services, and a commitment to showing the direct impact of giving and engagement are the essential components of effective strategies for keeping young alumni connected to the alma mater.

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Andrew Gossen

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