May 28, 2014 12:45 pm


In this short clip from Advancement Live, host Ryan Catherwood interviews Kenna Boyd at the University of Virginia on crafting a campaign event strategy. Find out what U.Va. does to maximize its time and resources during critical campaign phases. (Original air date: 5/27/14)

Questions for Kenna:

1) Kenna, can you mention the campaign we just completed and our three priority focus as we gear up to our next campaign?

2) How do you craft a strategic event plan during each phase of a campaign? What are the most important considerations?

3) What does a current event look like during our bridge priority phase? How will those change as we move to promote our next campaign?

Kenna Boyd

Kenna Boyd

Kenna Boyd is the Associate Director of Donor Relations at the University of Virginia, where she is responsible for stewardship of the University’s major donors, alumni, parents and friends through cultivation, recognition and engagement events.  In addition to managing the Office of University Advancement’s events program she is responsible for the coordination and compilation of the Presidential Event Proposal and Schedule.

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Ryan Catherwood

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