August 18, 2014 9:54 am


Advancement Live co-host Ryan Catherwood interviews Arthur Criscillis, Ed.D, Managing Partner at Alexander Haas, an Atlanta-based consulting firm dedicated to advancement programs. This edition of Advancement Live is focused on providing tips for fundraising professionals, particularly those working at the annual giving level, as they work to set appointments and prepare to make one-on-one solicitations with donors and prospects.

Viewers will learn:

1) Why asking for gifts in person is so important.
2) An overview of how development officers should approach asking for money.
3) What are some of the challenges that gift officers face or hurdles they have to clear when they begin their work as front line development officers?
4) What are a few things that all development officers should consider when making appointments?
5) How is getting the first appointment different than getting a second or third appointment?
6) What are the objectives for that first meeting?
7) What are some of the fundamentals to consider when preparing to make “the ask”?
8) How can a development officer deliver the most effective ask?
9) What can a development officer do to get over the adrenaline rush of making the ask?
10) What are the most likely reasons why a development officer might fail to get a gift?
11) What are the most important considerations for overcoming objections?

(We did have a little trouble with the Google Hangouts connection during the interview. Although the video has been edited to remove some of the disconnected sections, some of Arthur’s responses are not full.)

Arthur L. Criscillis, Ed.D., serves as a Managing Partner of Alexander Haas. Arthur brings over 25 years of arthur-web2development and nonprofit experience to the Firm. Arthur moved from advancement work for colleges and universities into consulting for the opportunity to work with and for a wide variety of colleges, universities, and independent schools.

Prior to joining Alexander Haas, Arthur led the advancement programs for Purdue University College of Science, Rhodes College and Centre College. At Purdue, Arthur provided the leadership for the College of Science in the University’s $1.3 billion Capital Campaign.

Read more about Arthur Criscillis here.


Ryan Catherwood

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