April 30, 2014 8:49 am


The Game of Giving – an Innovative Online Interactive Game to Foster Alumni Giving”

In this segment from Advancement Live (original air date 4.29), host Ryan Catherwood introduces part of the team that helped a European business school triple the alumni giving participation rate in six weeks, and eventually reached the campaign goal of beating Stanford’s participation result, which is considered an industry benchmark. Raimonds Kulbergs and Kristaps Silins were invited to annual CASE conference in Manchester last year to speak about the unorthodox approach. Watch as Raimonds and Kristaps share their experience and the www.itsfunderful.com technology.

Questions posed to Raimonds and Kristaps:

1. How did you manage to triple the participation rate in just six weeks? (maybe what were other results)
2. How is this different to what schools already do to fundraise?
3. Does it work for any school, or is there a particular type?
4. How can Funderful work for more than one campaign?
5. What is next for you?



iModules would like to say welcome to Troy Anderson, the new CTO for our friends iModules!


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Ryan Catherwood

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