Postcards, coffee chats, and a helpful hashtag? Using these tools, the University of Minnesota is redefining the role that alumni play in turning prospective students into excited enrollees. While traditional roles such as college fair representative and student interviewer still have a place, hear what UMN and other schools are doing to advance alumni participation in the admissions process – and, with that, boost class yield numbers.

In this edition of Advancement Live, guest host Kim Brown from Syracuse University sits down with Keyana Scales, UMN’s Director of Freshman Recruitment, to talk student recruitment with an alumni engagement focus. Join us!


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Episode Host

Kim Brown

Assistant Director for Alumni Programs at Syracuse University Career Services. Connect with Kim on Twitter, @kimincuse.




Keyana Scales

Director of Freshman Recruitment & Scholarships and lead on the #UMNProud Alumni Ambassador initiative at University of University of Minnesota – Twin Cities.


Kim Infanti

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