Higher Ed Live welcomes our dynamic new host Andy Fuller, director of strategic content at the University of Notre Dame, on Admissions Live and Advancement Live.


Andy joins Amy Jorgensen and Joe Sallustio as co-hosts on Admissions Live and Andrew Gossen, Jonathan Horowitz, and Kim Infanti as co-hosts on Advancement Live.

Andy Fuller is director of strategic content at the University of Notre Dame. In this role, he oversees the University’s storytelling and branded content efforts on its central digital platforms. This includes long-form content on ND.edu, as well as the University’s main social channels.

Prior to coming to Notre Dame, Andy spent time in the television, political, and agency worlds. His career includes stints as a news anchor, a press secretary, and an account executive for a major client in the fast food industry. He’s glad to have found a home in higher education.

Andy received his Bachelor’s degree in Communications: Radio and TV Broadcasting from Bethel University (Indiana), is an avid reader and basketball fan, and coaches high school hoops in the South Bend area.

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Get to know Andy

What are you most excited about for this new role?

Honestly, I’m really looking forward to learning. There’s so much great work being done by professionals in the higher ed industry, and so many unique approaches taken to that work. I’m so excited to hear from really smart folks and sharing their wisdom for people to apply to common challenges we all face.

When you have 30 minutes free, how do you pass the time?

One of three ways: Listening to podcasts (send me your recommendations!), reading (non-fiction), or studying basketball (coach’s life!).

What is most rewarding about your job?

Interacting with people who are dedicating their talents to changing the world. It almost sounds cliché, but in higher ed we get to rub elbows with brilliant people who are using knowledge to solve a problem for humanity. In my role at Notre Dame we get to unearth those research projects and tell the stories in the most compelling way possible. I can’t think of a better way to spend a 9-to-5.

Who is one person that influenced your career?

One my TV professors in college, John Snyder. He made me believe I could actually do the thing I had my heart set on since 8th grade. While my career has taken a number of turns since the TV days, the feeling that a mentor believes in you can transcend any industry or career path.

What is your favorite TV show?

Of all time: Seinfeld. More recently: Toss up between Billions and Mad Men.

Viewers may recognize Andy from his recent episode on Marketing Live: A Primer on Podcasting: What to Know Before (and After) You Start Your Institution’s Podcast.

You’ll find Andy’s upcoming broadcasts airing on Admissions Live and Advancement Live. Admissions Live discusses recruitment trends, yield strategies, and hot topics for college admission professionals and partnering high school counselors. Advancement Live showcases innovation in fundraising for college and university development, and engagement strategies for alumni affairs professionals.

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Please give a warm welcome to Andy, and follow him on Twitter, @andy_fuller and @NDStories.


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