Discover how two campuses are using social media to direct prospective students to their most influential recruitment resource: the website. In this episode of Higher Ed Special Edition guest host Erin Supinka of Dartmouth College speaks with Donna Talarico-Beerman from Elizabethtown College and Noelle Seybert from Pepperdine University. Each guest offers a best-in-class case study that promises to get your creative wheels turning while providing tips and tricks to increase your online footprint.


Higher Ed Special Edition is sponsored by PRSA’s Counselors to Higher Education

Episode Host

Erin Supinka

Erin Supinka

Erin is social media manager at Dartmouth College and contributing editor of the Higher Ed Live Blog. Erin holds a Bachelor of Science in Journalism from Rochester Institute of Technology. Connect with Erin on twitter, @erinsupinka.


Donna Talarico

Donna Talarico has been telling the Elizabethtown College story on a variety of mediums since 2010. She speaks frequently at higher ed web and marketing events. She also runs the creative nonfiction magazine, Hippocampus. Prior to education, she worked in ecommerce, and print and broadcast media. Follow her at @donnatalarico.


Noelle Seybert

As social media manager, Noelle is in charge of all things social for Pepperdine including social media strategy, policy, best practices, branding, and more.

Noelle joined Pepperdine in October 2014 with more than seven years experience managing digital marketing and events. Noelle holds a Bachelor of Arts in Sports Broadcasting and Masters in Business Administration, both from Point Loma Nazarene University. She is currently working on her Doctorate in Business Administration with an emphasis in Marketing through George Fox University. Find her, @NoelleSeybert.


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