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Wednesday, September 3rd at 1:00pm ET
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Conversation: #HigherEdLive

What does the future hold for Student Affairs? Who will lead departments and divisions on college and university campuses in the coming years? How are master’s programs preparing these future student affairs leaders to meet the various challenges the future holds? What do current #SAgrads have to say about the profession and their future aspirations?

On this episode of Student Affairs Live, host Heather Shea Gasser opens the show to a large panel  (8 guests!) of current students in professional preparation programs in student affairs, higher education administration, and college student personnel to discuss the next generation’s vision for the future of the profession. Joining Heather will be Paige Davies at Portland State University, Andrea De Leon at Loyola University Chicago, Matt Fenstermaker at Indiana University, Cody Finch at Virginia Tech, Emelie Helsen at Michigan State University, Jarvis McCowin at University of Iowa, Gabby Porcaro at Virginia Tech, and Jasmine Scott at Indiana University.

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Please read the detailed bios of the panelists below.

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SAPaigePaige Davies is a second year master’s student at Portland State University, currently working in the PSU Student Community Engagement Center. She is an alumni of the University of Idaho and AmeriCorps, and she is excited to begin her career in her interest areas of service-learning/volunteerism, student activities and leadership, or Queer student services. In her spare time, she enjoys reading, going to the beach, and spending time with her family. Connect with her on Twitter at @PaigeHDavies


SAAngelaAndrea De Leon is a second year master’s student at Loyola University Chicago where she also serves as an Assistant Resident Director. Andrea’s research interests include understanding how identities influence leadership development, and how campus culture and climate can impact a student’s leadership development. She is also passionate about the senior year experience, social justice education, and meaningful conversations. Connect with her on Twitter at @AndiMarieDeLeon


SAMattMatt Fenstermaker is a second year master’s student in Higher Education and Student Affairs at Indiana University (IU). Matt currently serves as a graduate assistant in the Office of Scholarships where his main priority is advising the Scholarship Advisory Committee–a group of IU scholars who work to recruit high achieving high school students. Prior to attending IU, Matt attended The Ohio State University to earn his bachelors in Arts Education. Connect with him on Twitter at @mattfen12


SACodyCody Finch is currently a second year graduate student in the Higher Education Administration program at Virginia Tech. His graduate assistantship is in Housing and Residence Life and his interests are working alongside Student Athletes and within an Orientation program. Connect with him on Twitter at @c_finch



SAEmilieEmelie Helsen has just joined the Masters in Student Affairs Administration program at Michigan State University. After studying and working in Student Affairs in Belgium and the United Kingdom for over 10 years she is looking forward to continue her journey in Student Affairs. Her particular interests in the field are social media & technologies, governance & practices in Students’ Unions and connecting Student and Academic Affairs. Connect with her on Twitter at @emeliehelsen


SAJarvisJarvis McCowin is a second year Master’s student in Higher Education and Student Affairs at the University of Iowa where he also serves as a graduate assistant for the College of Medicine’s Office of Cultural Affairs and Diversity Initiatives and as a graduate assistant for a Black male support group. He is on a research team studying multicultural initiatives and also serves the campus community via his role as a member on the president’s advisory committee on sexual misconduct prevention. Jarvis’ research interests include the transition to postsecondary educational opportunities among historically less-represented students. Connect with him on Twitter @bThankful4Life

SAGabbyA second year Higher Education and Student Affairs master’s student at Virginia Tech, Gabby Porcaro is passionate about working to ensure that students are provided equal and equitable experiences during their time in college. Gabby studies intersectionality of one’s social identities and how that impacts their academic journey. Upon completing her degree, Gabby hopes to work with college access, transition and matriculation efforts for historically underrepresented student populations. Connect with her on Twitter at @Gabby_Porcaro


SAJasmineJasmine Scott is a second year student in the Higher Education and Student Affairs program at Indiana University. At IU, Jasmine holds an assistantship with Residential Programs and Services and works with the Office of Admissions as a practicum student. Areas of interest include first-generation college students, examing social identities, and leadership development. Connect with her on Twitter at @jasminemscott




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