The web is a diverse and interdependent ecosystem, in which all elements–graphic design, code, content strategy, UX and UI development, accessibility, information architecture, instructional design, online marketing, and all other interactive technology–should integrate seamlessly to foster high quality interactive experiences. They cannot be done in isolation.

Each year the Penn State web conference brings together professionals from all of these fields not only to learn more about their own craft, but also to gain a better understanding of how these elements must work in harmony.

Did you miss #psuweb this year? Join member of the conference committee and first-time attendee Erin Supinka to hear highlights, trends and much more.


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Episode Host

Erin Supinka

Erin Supinka

Erin is social media manager at Dartmouth College and contributing editor of the Higher Ed Live Blog. Erin holds a Bachelor of Science in Journalism from Rochester Institute of Technology. Connect with Erin on twitter, @erinsupinka.


Jennifer Montminy

Jennifer Montminy is a Communications Strategy Specialist for Information Technology Services (ITS) at Penn State. Working within the ITS subunit, Services and Solutions, she led the development of a service communications group to support the unit’s 160 staff members and over 60 services that together support Penn State’s 96,000 students, 10,000 faculty, and 11,000 staff at all 24 campus locations.

She has written for LINK: The Journal of Higher Education Web Professionals and is on the leadership committee of the national Web Conference at Penn State, where she presented in 2014 on the importance of building an internal social media strategy. She is also an Educause member and a member of the Educause IT Communications Constituent Group.


Karen Hackett

Karen is senior marketing associate and marketing strategy specialist for University Marketing at Penn State. She has fifteen years of experience in marketing communications strategy, public relations, media relations, and outreach activities at Penn State. She has been part of the appointed leadership team for the Web Conference, with over ten years experience as a core committee member

In addition, Karen has served on the Penn State’s Commission for Women. Her talent and energy compliment her ability to solve problems and think strategically about communications for diverse audiences.


Nikki Massaro Kauffman

Nikki is a multimedia specialist for Penn State University’s world campus learning design unit, designing interfaces and learning objects for Online courses. She has worked in education and technology since 1998, and in higher education since 2004. In the course of those years, she had worn many hats: teacher and trainer, educational technologist, programmer and interface designer.


Matt Mooney

Matt is director of instructional design at the Smeal College of Business at Penn State. Prior to joining the team at Penn State, Matt served as a professor of web and interactive media at Pennsylvania College of Technology. Matt earned his bachelors and masters degrees in communication from Central Michigan University and his Ph.D. in educational technology from Purdue.


Audrey Romano

Audrey is Head of Design and manager for the Teaching and Learning with Technology (TLT) Studio. Audrey also is the development team lead for the University-wide WordPress web publishing platform, Sites at Penn State. Other TLT Studio projects include building a micro-credentialing badges platform for Penn State as well as for Texas State as part of a grant from NASA, a partnership with the General Education task force to create and launch a website supporting transparency and discourse, and a virtual roleplay research project with the College of Education exploring the use of AI as a pedagogical agent, to name just a few. The platforms and applications we build directly support innovative teaching, learning, research, and communication at Penn State (and beyond). We believe that we can change the world by improving education with technology.


Brian Panulla

Brian is a business intelligence developer at Acureo. His current areas of interest include distributed intelligent network applications, including Semantic Web applications, Resource-Oriented (RESTful) information systems, and visualization and sonification (auditory display) of data. A Penn State alumnus, Brian has a long history with the university and the web conference.


Tim Bracken

Tim is a software developer for the Dutton Institute at the Penn State University. He specializes in data driven web development and is an MVC framework fanatic. Tim focuses on proper design practices, maintainability, scalability, and elegant code.


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