Blair Liikala, director of recording services at the University of North Texas College of Music, joins Higher Ed Live to share how he recently live streamed 30 interactive concerts to over 100,000 people. On a limited budget, UNT has set the bar high and is the most comprehensive approach to live streaming yet to be attempted in higher education.

Live streaming is only continuing to grow in popularity and Blair shares tons of tips and tricks on how UNT did and you can too.

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Blair’s personal favorite “Digital Concert Hall”

Projects Used: [CMS, $100] [LDAP extension for EE] [flash player] [internal streaming server for live, iphone, and on demand. $1k] [Wirecast $500 retail.  EDU discount available.]

NEA Study on digital media (Very good)
Nielson Three Screen reports:
Basics on new distribution models.

UNT College of Music Live Stream Stats (it’s a big page):
Mix article on UNT streaming set up:
Facebook page:

Some inspiration:


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