Everyone talking marketing is using five-syllable words. Why? Is it making the results better? Systems, processes, organizations, and relationships have a way of getting complicated. Adam Pierno is all about paring things back to their essentials to drive success, whatever that may be.

In this episode of Marketing Live, Adam will offer guidance to higher ed marketers on simplifying strategy and reaching your real audience. He will share how his experiences with the biggest brands in problem-solving is informing work in his new role at Arizona State and how consumer insights are a driving force in ASU’s Enterprise Marketing Hub.

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Episode Host

Rob Zinkan

Rob Zinkan

Rob Zinkan became vice president at RHB, a higher education marketing consultancy, in 2019. Rob has more than 20 years of experience in higher education administration, serving in senior leadership positions in marketing and advancement. He spent the past 17 years at Indiana University, most recently in a system-wide role as associate vice president for marketing. He also served in campus-level roles there as vice chancellor for external affairs and assistant dean for advancement. Rob holds a doctorate from Creighton University, a master’s from Xavier University, and a bachelor’s from Wabash College. He serves on the AMA Symposium for the Marketing of Higher Education conference committee, contributes to Inside Higher Ed’s “Call to Action” blog, and is a recent CASE commissioner (Commission on Communications and Marketing).


Adam Pierno

Adam Pierno is Associate Vice President, Marketing Strategy at Arizona State University’s Enterprise Marketing Hub.

Teacher. Mentor. Strategist. Innovator. Author. All are terms you could use to identify him.

Adam has refined a simple methodology to build precise strategies for numerous client campaigns. Prior to his current role, he leveraged his knowledge of consumer behavior to produce informed and effective campaigns for such national brands as Delta Air Lines, Dial Corporation, Domino’s Pizza, Dunkin’ Brands and Mercedes-Benz.

His first book, Under Think It, delves into the foundational aspects of marketing strategy. He was inspired to pen this insightful guidebook to fill a void in strategy training curriculum. That book is used to teach strategy at universities, global agencies, and Fortune 100 companies. His second book, Specific, demonstrates a model that today’s brands can use to grow in an absence of viable mass media.


Rob Zinkan

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