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This post is written by Carol Clements, Director of Marketing at OmniUpdate.

Content strategy is about building, creating, executing, measuring (effectiveness) and revising content to reach your communication and engagement goals. A great content strategy not only requires great content, but a great management platform that helps effectively deliver it across all web, mobile, and social channels.


Great content is accurate and timely.

Because there are so many campus systems containing critical information, your content management platform must be able to integrate with those informational sources to ensure that the time-sensitive, degree-related, financial, or personal information you are sharing with your audience is on target. And, integration means this content can be instantly updated in all locations and on all channels when changes are made to eliminate inaccuracies and errors.


Great content is best written by subject matter experts.

Those experts don’t need to be encumbered by the technology designed to help them. Empowering users means keeping the technology interface simple and user-friendly so they won’t be discouraged to contribute. That same technology should also help prevent “bad content” from appearing on the scene and should enable compliance with the guidelines established for your institution’s site.


Great content is visual.

Everyone knows that helpful graphics and visuals can activate and clarify content and might just create the tipping-point needed to get that content read and understood. Image galleries are great, and adding graphics and visuals for your users should be as easy as drag and drop.


Great content is audience relevant.

You may write relevant content, but what if you can’t deliver it in a relevant way? Your platform should provide you with digital marketing and communication tools for effective outreach like email, blogs, and social media, as well as tools for inbound response management and measurement like forms, landing pages, A/B testing, analytics, and content personalization.


Great content is tailored for its audience.

perfect Therefore, the content platform must be easily extensible and customizable to accomplish your strategic communication goals and satisfy your various audience needs. It should work together with third-party solutions that make sense for your institution. There is rarely a one-size fits all solution.


So, what have we done at OmniUpdate to enable content in these profound ways? We pulled our OU Campus™ content management system (CMS) completely apart and put it back together, from the bottom to the top. The result was version 10 of our CMS—a true content management platform. It’s the perfect fit for our higher education customers. Ask us for a demo and check it out.


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