Director of the Recruiting, Retention and Incentives Division, US Army Cadet Command, Col. Paul Webber, joins Admissions Live for a inside look at Army ROTC recruitment and scholarship programs. From program scope to finding the right fit candidate, Col. Webber brings unique higher ed experiences to the show along with his top 10 tips for advising students.

Taken from the live broadcast, June 1, 2012.

Topics discussed during the LIVE broadcast include:

  • The State of Army ROTC
  • Higher Ed Cadet Experiences
  • The Right Fit for Army ROTC
  • ROTC High School Scholarships
  • Top 10 Tips for Advising Students
  • Application Timeline
  • Web Resources
    … and much more


Army ROTC Homepage

Locate Army ROTC Schools

Army ROTC for Nursing Students

Four Year Scholarships

Post-ROTC Careers



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