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On Friday, September 20,  2014, President Obama and Vice President Biden announced the launch of a national campaign against sexual assault on college campuses. #ItsOnUs, the campaign title, hashtag, and slogan, is an open invitation to everyone to take personal responsibility for creating solutions to end sexual violence on college campuses.
Within moments of the announcement, campuses across the country released PSAs and media agencies, national organizations, and many other groups helped amplify the message. The early response indicates that there is renewed national momentum to addressing sexual assault on campus.

While this national campaign brings increased awareness today, for years campus leaders across the country have been working to respond to clarified guidelines brought by the Department of Education’s Office for Civil Rights Dear Colleague Letters. And, as of May 1, 2014, over 50 institutions were under investigation for possible violations in their handling of sexual violence and harassment complaints. Meanwhile, #YesAllWomen and other online campaigns combined with visual displays of student activism protesting rape culture provide a backdrop for administrator’s conversations.  Indeed, sexual violence on campus is one of the most publicized and difficult issues student affairs leaders faces.

On this episode of Student Affairs Live, host Heather Shea Gasser connects with four national leaders and campus experts in student affairs who are addressing sexual assault and Title IX in their work, scholarship, and action. Joining Heather are Kevin Dougherty, Keith Edwards, Jody Jessup-Anger, and Virginia Solan. Please read the detailed bios of the panelists below and watch the recording.

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KevinHELDr. Kevin Dougherty is an Assistant Dean of Students and Interim Director for Fraternity/Sorority Relations at UCLA. In his role, he serves as an administrator and resource for the campus on matters related to the Student Conduct Code. In addition, he provides leadership for the Greek community in promoting academic success, healthy lifestyles, and civic responsibility. Connect with him on Twitter at @DrKDougherty


KeithHELDr. Keith Edwards is the Director of Campus Life at Macalester College in St. Paul, MN where he provides leadership for the areas of residential life, card services, and campus conduct. Keith is a national speaker and consultant on issues of sexual assault prevention, college men’s issues, and social justice education. Keith is co-chair of the ACPA Presidential Task Force on Sexual Violence Prevention in Higher Education. Connect with him on Twitter @edwardsk14


JodyHELDr. Jody Jessup-Anger is an assistant professor of higher education in the Department of Educational Policy and Leadership at Marquette University.  Her research focuses on the effect of collegiate environments on student learning and development.  Prior to beginning her doctoral studies at Michigan State University, Jody spent 5 years working in victim advocacy at Colorado State University. Jody is co-chair of the ACPA Presidential Task Force on Sexual Violence Prevention in Higher Education. Connect with her on Twitter @jejsnow


VirginiaHELVirginia Solan is the Coordinator for Violence Prevention Programs at the University of Idaho. She is responsible for ensuring students receive comprehensive information and effective education on issues regarding power-based violence. She also serves on a UI Title IX task force that developed training and continues to educate staff and faculty on how to recognize students who are considering disclosure of an assault and how to respond in a manner that preserves  students’ option of confidentiality while meeting the standard of reporting all staff and faculty must adhere to through Title IX mandate. Connect with her on Twitter @VirginiaSolan1




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