Higher Ed Live is excited to announce Kin Sejpal, higher ed marketing strategist, has signed on to host in 2019.



Kin Sejpal joins Andrew Cassel, Christen Gowan, and Rob Zinkan as co-host on Marketing Live.

Kinnari “Kin” Sejpal serves as Associate Vice President for Marketing Strategy and Creative Services at Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT). In this inaugural role, she leads a team of branding, marketing, creative, and business intelligence professionals. She also provides oversight to college and division-level marketing and communication functions, and guides brand initiatives for RIT’s domestic and global campuses.

Kin brings many years of experience in higher education — she previously worked at Purdue University, where she held a variety of roles within the marketing strategy area. While at Purdue, Kin earned a Masters in Communication and a Masters in Business Administration degrees. 

“Kin is one of the bright minds in our field – a true marketing strategist. She’s always been a great colleague, both eager to learn and willing to share. Kin takes to heart that as marketers we represent the voice of the consumer, and I admire how she gets engaged in the student experience, including her passion project of mentoring international students. With her consumer insights mindset, Kin is a terrific addition to the Higher Ed Live team of hosts. She’ll bring smart guests and topics and have thoughtful relevant discussions.” — Rob Zinkan, associate vice president, marketing, Indiana University

Get to know Kin

What are you most excited about for this new role?

I enjoy learning about topics that apply to what I do and engaging in conversations about the changing landscape of higher education marketing. So I thought, why not lead these discussions?

When you have 30 minutes free, how do you pass the time?

I love to hang out with my dog, whether it’s out for a walk (on a rare beautiful day) or simply cuddling with him and reading or watching TV.

What is your life motto?

Carpe Diem!

If you could have dinner with any famous person (living or dead) who would it be?

Probably Elon Musk. I think he would make for a weirdly entertaining and intellectually stimulating conversation.

Viewers may recognize Kin from her recent episode on Marketing Live: The Often Forgotten: The Significance of Marketing Before, During, and After a Crisis.

Marketing Live focuses on communications, brand and brand strategy, digital, content, and social media strategy in higher education.

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Please give a warm welcome to Kin, and follow her on Twitter, @kinsejpal.


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