Enrollment marketing continues to be a hot topic in higher ed as many institutions experience increased competition for a shrinking applicant pool and pressure to achieve ever-higher enrollment targets. Combine this with rapid changes in communication tools and a target audience that sniffs out authenticity, it’s easy to see why these are challenging times.

Let’s pause and ask: Are we serving the needs of students? Are we listening to what they have to say? How do they want to receive official university communications?

Based on research conducted in 2015 by Chegg and mStoner, Inc., this episode will explore:

  • Perspectives from prospective students and enrollment professionals — where they converge, where they differ — and how marketers can leverage this knowledge.
  • The top sources students and parents use to gather information.
  • Some best practices for messaging and for communicating with prospects.

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Admissions Live is sponsored by mStoner, Inc.

Episode Host

Gil Rogers

Director of Enrollment Insights at Chegg

Gil is the Director of Enrollment Insights for Chegg, the Student Hub, leading students-first focused research to aide college and university admissions professionals in saving time, saving money, and recruiting smarter.  Gil publishes and presents on numerous research studies throughout the year focused on student’s uses of digital, social, and mobile technology throughout their college search.  Prior to Chegg Gil was the Associate Director of Admissions at the University of New Haven where he led a resurgence in prospect outreach and inquiry communication planning that led to record breaking enrollments for four years.



Michael Stoner

Michael, a co-founder and the president of mStoner, has served hundreds of education institutions, nonprofits, and businesses on four continents. He’s spoken at numerous conferences, written about online and offline marketing for higher ed trade and association media, and has blogged at mStoner.com since 2003. He co-edits a blog about higher ed marketing, branding, and communications on Inside Higher Ed.


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