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Wednesday, December 11th at 12:00pm EST
Broadcasted over Google Plus, On-Air Hangout
Conversation: #SAlive

Please join me for the last Student Affairs Live show of 2013, via Google Plus On-Air Hangouts discussing “The Power of Networks” with an esteemed panel of colleagues including Cindy Kane, Director of Student Involvement and Leadership at Bridgewater State University; Mike Severy, Director of Student Involvement and Leadership at the University of North Carolina at Pembroke; Chris Conzen, Director of Campus Activities and Student Leadership Development at Suffolk County Community College; Kathy Petras, Assistant Director of Student Life and Involvement at Baldwin Wallace University; Kristen Rupert, Coordinator for the Center for Student Leadership and Service at The Ohio State University; and Joe Ginese, First Year and New Student Experience Specialist at Borough of Manhattan Community College/CUNY.

This group of professionals has done a tremendous job both on and offline utilizing their networks to the fullest and will share some fantastic advice and knowledge based on their various experiences.  If you have any questions, or comments, please leave them in the comments below, or tweet them, adding the #SAlive hashtag!  We hope you can join us LIVE on Wednesday, December 11th, but if not, feel free to watch the replay in syndication!

Cindy Kane has over fifteen years of progressively responsible roles in areas of leadership development, volunteer management, and campus events planning. She also holds significant volunteer leadership experience in association management and serves as a part-time consultant on topics relating to leadership and management.

Specialties: Student Affairs areas: program review and strategic planning in student activities, orientation, fraternity/sorority life, programming, student media. Leadership areas: Personal leadership coaching, development of staff training and education programs, supervision, mentoring programs. (Source: LinkedIn)

Mike Severy views his work through the lens of leadership development, believing that people are developed over time through a series of meaningful experiences.

He is a Myers Briggs type INTJ. His StrengthsQuest themes are Strategic, Ideation, Command, Futuristic, and Relator. He likes to dwell in possibility. He plays and calls it work.

Specialties: leadership development and training, college student development, group development, teambuilding, strategy and idea development. (Source: LinkedIn)

Since his first year of graduate school, Chris Conzen has worked primarily in the areas of student activities, orientation, and leadership development. He has worked at a four-year private, four-year public, and now a two-year community college. In addition to his current role in campus activities, he also assists with the enrollment management areas, serving as a back-up administrator to both counseling/advisement and admissions. 

His long-term goal is to become a Dean of Students, utilizing the diverse experiences he now has the opportunity to be exposed to.

Specialties: Event planning, student advisement, organization advisement, personal counseling, budget management, supervision. (Source: LinkedIn)

kristenrupert_thumb(Source: About.Me) I’m a wanderer. I have a strong desire to see new things and experience new places | I love words. I read a lot. I often find that passages from books and lyrics from songs help me find the sentiment I am feeling. | I drink my coffee black.I have created my own definition of life and I try surround myself with people who let me be uniquely different. | I’m an advocate, teacher, advisor (and every now and then a part time life coach) | I gain perspective from my work. I strive to develop students and help them create, understand, learn, and be. | I’m a feminist. I wear bows in my hair. I like dresses. I am also smart, and tough, and strong. | I find joy in the ordinary. |I’m a city girl. | I’d describe myself as a prepster. | I’m a vegetarian. | I like to write, but I wouldn’t consider myself a writer. I have conversations in my head that sometimes need written in ink before they are a fleeting, forgotten thought. | I’m a Buckeye. A Higher Ed Nerd.

kathypetrasCurrently working as the Assistant Director of Student Life & Involvement, I work with several different programs including New Student Orientation, Student Activities, Greek Life, Alcohol Education, & Leadership Programming. Specialties:New Student Orientation Leadership Programs Alcohol Education (Source: LinkedIn)




Joe Ginese is the New and First Year Student Experience Specialist at Borough of Manhattan Community College. He blogs at 







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