Learning is fun during the College and University Public Relations and Associated Professionals’ (CUPRAP) three-day professional development conference. Attendees gain strategic insight and find out what’s trending in higher education communications. Learn how to strengthen your already pivotal role and boost awareness of your institution. Tune in as we preview the annual CUPRAP Conference, held this March in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.


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Episode Host

Erin Supinka

Erin Supinka

Erin is social media manager at Dartmouth College and contributing editor of the Higher Ed Live Blog. Erin holds a Bachelor of Science in Journalism from Rochester Institute of Technology. Connect with Erin on twitter, @erinsupinka.


Gabriel Welsch

Gabriel Welsch is vice president for strategic communication and marketing at Juniata College, a position he has held since January 2018. Gabe oversees operations in marketing, branding, and communications; digital and emerging media; and public relations.

Prior to his current role, Gabe served as vice president for advancement and marketing at Juniata for 9 years. During this time he oversaw marketing operations as well as fundraising, alumni relations, and corporate and foundation relations. He led campaigns for facilities, endowment, and other needs that raised more than $95M. Gabe started at Juniata in 2007 as assistant vice president for marketing.

Gabe is president of the board of directors of CUPRAP: College and University Public Relations and Associated Professionals, and is a regular presenter at conferences on topics related to fundraising and marketing. Gabe also is the author of four books of poems, as well as scores of short stories, book reviews, and essays appearing in national literary periodicals.


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