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This post is written by Dave Marshall, President at Mongoose.

New research by Gil Rogers of Chegg and Michael Stoner of mStoner, Inc. has the industry talking. In their Mythbusting research series, the two higher ed heavyweights illustrate where prospective students and higher education enrollment and marketing professionals agree and disagree on enrollment marketing topics.

To say the least, we at Mongoose like their take. Actually, we like it so much that we are borrowing it for the day.

So here goes: A satirical comparison between your ultra-typical prospective student and a stereotypical admissions professional.

Most important content on the website?

Alexa Robinson · SENIOR

“Easy-to-find information on academic programs.”

Todd Pritchard · DEAN
 “As Dean, I feel a more detailed welcome message is prudent.”

Importance of financial aid information?

Alexa Robinson · SENIOR
“My parents and I need to have a clear idea of affordability and outcomes.”
Todd Pritchard · DEAN
 “Hide the net price calculator.”

Impressive academic points?

Alexa Robinson · SENIOR
“Job placement stats and real, recent alumni stories.”
Todd Pritchard · DEAN
 “Hit ’em with the mission statement.”

Role of social media in the admissions process?

AlexaAlexa Robinson · SENIOR

“Social media helps me determine if there is an emotional fit. You know… if it ‘feels right’.”
Todd PritchardTodd Pritchard · DEAN

“Post that press release on LinkedIn.”

Content preference?

AlexaAlexa Robinson · SENIOR

“Easy to digest text.”
Todd PritchardTodd Pritchard · DEAN

“High impact video. Make sure to show the buildings.”

Which is more helpful — a campus map or a virtual tour?

AlexaAlexa Robinson · SENIOR

“Simple maps.”
Todd PritchardTodd Pritchard · DEAN

“We’ll know they’re serious after they install a plugin for our 360-degree, 3D tour. We paid a boatload for it so we better use it. Make sure to show the buildings.”

Request information forms — long or short — which is best?

AlexaAlexa Robinson · SENIOR

“If the form is super short, I might fill it out.”
Todd PritchardTodd Pritchard · DEAN

“I think our student information system comes with a super comprehensive, web inquiry module. Make everything required. But wait, make them create an account first.”

Best way to contact you?

AlexaAlexa Robinson · SENIOR

“If something’s important, please just send me a text.”
Todd PritchardTodd Pritchard · DEAN

“Cue the daily e-blast. Make sure they can’t reply.”


While we hope no admissions pros’ feelings were hurt by this assessment, consider it a friendly and timely reminder to challenge you and your institution’s preconceived notions about students and how they want their information. After all, your enrollment depends on it.

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