What are the keys to a wildly successful Senior Gift Campaign? Hamilton College has discovered them. For more than two decades, Hamilton College’s senior class has achieved a 90+ percent participation rate. The Class of 2015’s goal is 99% participation. How do they do it, year after year? Which students make the best senior gift chairs? What factors help the classes decide the projects they’ll support? And how does Hamilton attempt to sustain this impressive giving rate after graduation?

In this edition of Advancement Live, guest host Kim Brown from Syracuse University sits down with John Nehme and Chris Jacobsen from Hamilton College to answer these questions and many more.

Additional Resources

Hamilton’s Social Media Aggregator: #getscrolled

Hamilton’s Senior Gift Campaign Website

EverTrue blog post: How to Design and Run a Successful Class Gift Campaign

Education Advisory Board study: Creating a Culture of Giving Among Current Students


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Episode Host

Kim Brown

Assistant Director for Alumni Programs at Syracuse University Career Services. Connect with Kim on Twitter, @kimincuse.



John Nehme

Assistant Director of Alumni Relations and Director of Young Alumni Engagement at Hamilton College in N.Y.


Chris Jacobsen

Director of Leadership Giving at Hamilton College


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