Sifting through a world of social data can be like looking for a needle in a haystack or stumbling upon a virtual gold mine. In this episode of Advancement Live, guest host Keith Hannon discusses social intelligence and communication strategies for higher education gift officers. Is this world of big data enough? Are social insights meaningful? Hear answers to these questions and contribute to the conversation during the live broadcast using #higheredlive on Twitter.


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Episode Host

Keith Hannon

Associate Director of Social Media Strategy, Cornell University

Keith Hannon is the associate director for social media at Cornell University. He manages the Cornell alumni communities on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, and Instagram; an aggregate population of nearly 60,000 alumni.

His past life as an aspiring video artist has helped engage alumni via both livestreaming and YouTube videos. Most recently he has been breaking new ground experimenting with prospect research on the development and refinement of a process for prospect identification on social networks and implementing a crowdfunding platform that aims to attract previously unengaged donors.

Before Cornell, Hannon worked for Nickelodeon television and Six Degrees Games.



Jim Zimmerman

Jim is a three-decade veteran of the advancement profession, and is passionate about connecting non-profit organizations with their potential donors and supporters. He knows from personal experience that all institutions are hampered from achieving their full fundraising potential because of out-of-date data, and that existing legacy donor databases are clunky, inaccessible, and far from user friendly.

As Chief Evangelist at Evertrue, Jim has the opportunity to work with hundreds of universities, schools and other non-profits to help them understand how technology is transforming fundraising.


Michael O'Neill

Mike is a higher education professional with over nine years experience in connecting students and alumni with their alma mater. Mike built and engaged Rensselaer alumni on a wide range of social media platforms before leaving to head the strategy and implementation of social media at Ithaca College.


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