As the social media universe continues to expand, colleges and universities are expected to engage and evolve at the same pace. What resources are available to create a cohesive social media strategy? We’ll preview the annual CASE Social Media & Community Conference, held at the end of April in Miami.

About #CASESMC – This conference will go beyond social engagement and show you how to use social media in conjunction with all of your digital media efforts. Attendees will learn to create a cohesive engagement/communications strategy that will unite all of your departments and make your shop a player in the digital space.


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Episode Host

Chris D'Orso

Chris D'Orso

Chris D’Orso is the Associate Director of Undergraduate Admissions at the College at Brockport. A SUNY lifer, he has a B.A. from Geneseo, worked in student activities at Finger Lakes Community College and in admissions and orientation at Old Westbury, before joining Stony Brook, where he ran social media for one of the top public universities in the northeast. He also got his butt kicked on “Jeopardy!,” a defeat he rues to this day.


Keith Hannon

Keith is the associate director for social media at Cornell University. He manages the Cornell alumni communities on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, and Instagram; an aggregate population of nearly 60,000 alumni.

His past life as an aspiring video artist has helped engage alumni via both livestreaming and YouTube videos. Most recently he has been breaking new ground experimenting with prospect research on the development and refinement of a process for prospect identification on social networks and implementing a crowdfunding platform that aims to attract previously unengaged donors.

Before Cornell, Hannon worked for Nickelodeon television and Six Degrees Games.


Elise Betz

Elise was born on a college campus, the University of Chicago, where her father was studying. It was only a matter of time before she would make Penn her home. She has worked with mentally ill, homeless women at Women of Hope, and ran a branch of the YMCA. She also played quarterback for the national title winning women’s professional football team, the Philadelphia Liberty Belles.

Betz has been working in development and alumni relations at the University of Pennsylvania since 2000, starting her tenure at The Penn Fund, the university’s undergraduate annual fund. While at The Penn Fund, she recognized the opportunity to create a student culture of spirit, engagement and philanthropy to keep students connected to Penn as future alumni, and founded “Penn Traditions: Building Our Community,” a comprehensive student advancement program. The genesis of this program has changed the student culture at Penn. Young alumni engagement and retention are also among the areas that Betz specializes in.

Currently in the Alumni Relations Office, Betz co-manages the central alumni relations departments, and continues to oversee the Penn Traditions program. She was awarded the University of Pennsylvania’s Model of Excellence Award for her work on Penn Traditions. She has presented at advancement conferences all over the country and has done numerous consultations with institutions who are interested in starting student advancement programs.


Adam Miller

Adam is director of digital and data services at the Stanford Alumni Association (SAA), and likes finding insights in data and building great digital experiences. In 2005, he developed The Relationship Model, a new way to segment Stanford’s alumni by behavior, and in 2009 began to lead SAA’s social media strategy. Since 2012, he has led the merged Digital & Data Services department, which combines data, social, web, email, mobile and other digital efforts under one vision in strong partnership with programs across SAA.

Miller graduated from Stanford in 1999 with a double major in music (specialization in music, science, and technology) and human biology, and has been a member of Stanford’s staff since 2002.


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