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This post is written by Jeffrey Fuchs, Community Outreach at Repn'Up.

Online reputation, such as your Facebook, Instagram, and/or Twitter profile, is an important topic for students on college campuses worldwide, as it has long impacting effects. With 91% of employers using social media to screen candidates and  49% of hiring managers rejecting  candidates due to inappropriate content, it is clear that social media profiles are used by hiring managers to make judgements about candidates before ever offering an interview.

On the one hand, recruiters base part of their hiring decision on a candidate’s personality and how they will jive with the rest of the company. But seeing ‘too much’ personality by way of social media isn’t good either. When your students or recent graduates are searching for jobs, internships, or graduate school opportunities, offer them a way to improve their social media presence as a first step.

No More Social Media Worries

At Rep’nUp, we’ve created a tool to help job seekers clean up their social profiles and feel confident about applying to positions. And we have a special offer for Higher Ed Live viewers.

The Rep’nUp cleanup tool is the fastest, easiest, and most accurate way to clean up your online presence, whether on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. Our advanced image processing technology scans a profile and picks out certain photos and text which may be seen as inappropriate or unprofessional to recruiters, such as references to drugs, sex, violence, negative comments about employers, and more.

How accurate is it? Extremely! We’re proud to have helped over 25,000 students and professionals clean up their profiles to land their dream jobs and we want to do the same for you and your students for free. In just the last two years, our service has been picked up by 75 nationally recognized and award-winning career centers and campuses including Northeastern University, Clemson University, The University of Southern Mississippi and more, simply because it works.

Freedom to Be Yourself 

The best part about the cleanup service is that job seekers do not need to delete their social profiles, they just need to identify and clean up the rough spots. In fact, it’s important to keep those social profiles up, if already in use, because many recruiters enjoy reviewing them. Why? Recruiters have learned that skills can be learned while a great fitting personality can’t.

Feel free to use and share Repn’Up’s service at no cost:

  1. Go to www.repnup.com and click on ‘Social Media Cleaning’
  2. Log-in with Facebook and an initial scan will begin (only analyzing text posts)
  3. To upgrade for free,  click ‘Upgrade Now’ in your Rep’nUp account and enter the coupon code – HIGHEREDLIVE
  4. After upgrading, you will receive:
    1. Image scanning to identify unprofessional photos
    2. Links back to each flagged post



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